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Allow Physician Partners Center for Regenerative Medicine to assess whether you’re a candidate for restorative therapy that uses stem cells or platelet-rich plasma.

Day 1: you’ll consult with one of our specially-trained physicians. He or she will review your medical history to determine which procedures might help you most. Your comprehensive evaluation will include a discussion of risks, benefits, options, and costs.

Day 2: If you’re a candidate and you wish to proceed, your visit for an in-clinic procedure will take approximately two hours, after which you can resume your normal activities!

Like any medical intervention, including pain relief medications, physical therapy, and surgery, results of restorative therapies vary from patient to patient. But the revolutionary regenerative medicine therapies like those available from Physician Partners of America are providing millions of Americans a promising alternative to traditional invasive treatments, with far fewer risks and much faster recovery periods.

NextStem is a premier provider of patented technology that’s offering more patients new and better options for reclaiming their lives by freeing them from painful and debilitating conditions.

Our specialized physicians are here for you.

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