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Are you suffering from a painful meniscus or ligament tear?

Do you rely on drugs to relieve chronic pain from arthritis or overuse?

Has physical therapy failed to help you recover from an injury, worn cartilage, painful popping, or bone-on-bone grinding

Are you trapped by a limited range of motion that’s keeping you from doing the simplest day-to-day activities?

Have you been told by doctors that surgery is your only option?

There are alternatives to arthroscopy, open repairs, and total knee replacements … options that don’t involve cutting and stitching, months of rehab, high risk for complications, and lots of lost work days.


Stem cell injections maximize the body’s natural healing system within the knee by transforming into new cells that help replace damaged cells and repair the tissues directly at the injured or dysfunctional site.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Lysate injections surround injured cells within the knee with a concentrated form of a patient’s own blood, using healing and growth factors to empower the body’s capacity for self-repair. Platelet therapies boost stem cells in the knee, activating their potential to work harder at repairing damaged tissues.

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