Stem Cell Therapies

Stem cells are a class of undifferentiated cells with the ability to “morph” into specialized cell types within various body tissues and systems. Adult (also called “somatic”) stem cells are living building blocks with an amazing capacity to divide or renew themselves, providing the most conducive environment possible for the body’s reparative abilities to take over and restore full function.

  • Stem cells are like your body’s own emergency response team! They’re ready at a moment’s notice to help transform defective tissue into new, healthy tissue.
  • Unlike traditional treatment measures like surgery, physical rehab/therapy, or pain medication prescriptions which too often only treat symptoms of the dysfunction, stem cell therapy aims to correct the underlying cause of the problem.
  • As we age or become injured, however, our bodies may not have a sufficient store of stem cells to enable the injury site to heal.
  • Stem cell therapy “dispatches a fresh crew of first responders”! A stem cell injection bombards a dysfunctional joint space with a fully loaded team to help the body maximize its own healing powers!

More about the procedures

Allograft (bank) stem cells come from donor stem cells, such as donated umbilical cord blood. These stem cells have the special ability to differentiate into any type of cell needed at the injection site and can thus regenerate lost cartilage that is the source of pain.

Autologous stem cells come from the patient him/herself, usually taken from abdominal fat or bone marrow.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy uses a patient’s own blood, specially prepares it in a lab, and re-injects into an injury site. PRP delivers the greatest number of growth factors and stem cells to the area when and where they’re needed most!

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